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Burmannia championii / Hinanoshakujou ヒナノシャクジョウ

Bloom time:  August-October

Burumanniaceae /


Species in the genus Burmannia:

Burmannia championii / Hinanoshakujou


Burmannia championii / Hinanoshakujou ヒナノシャクジョウ

Burmannia championii is a saprophytic plant found in dark evergreen forests, measuring 3-15cm in height. Rhizomes are spherical, and the terrestrial parts are white. Stem tops set some flowers on them in a head-like way. Flowers, without peduncles, are white, in the cylindrical shape of 6-10mm in length, each being the possessor of 3 outer perianth lobes and the same number of inner ones; there exist yellow portions inside. Bloom time. August-October.




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