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Calanthe discolor / Ebine エビネ

Bloom time: April-May

Family: Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Calanthe:

Calanthe discolor / Ebine
Calanthe nipponica / Kinseiran
Calanthe reflexa / Natsuebine
Calanthe sieboldii / Kiebine
Calanthe tricarinata / Sarumen'ebine

Calanthe discolor / Ebine エビネ

Calanthe discolor is a perennial, terrestrial orchid inhabiting deciduous tree forest floors in mountainous regions. Leaves, two or three in number, emerge from the bases of the plants. Raceme-like stalks, measuring 30-50cm in height, make lots of flowers, the color of sepals and petals being, in general, brown-purple and that of lips light red-white. There are, however, several variations. Bloom time: April-May.



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