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Callicarpa dichotoma / Komurasaki コムラサキ

Bloom time: July-August

Verbenaceae /


Species in the genus Callicarpa:

Callicarpa dichotoma / Komurasaki
Callicarpa dichotoma f. albibacca / Shirominokomurasaki
Callicarpa japonica / Murasakishikibu
Callicarpa mollis / Yabumurasaki


Callicarpa dichotoma / Komurasaki コムラサキ

Callicarpa dichotoma, a deciduous shrub with smooth yellow-brown barks that grow to as tall as 2m in height, inhabits foothill swamps or damp plains, with branch ends drooped. Leaves are opposite, blades measuring 3-7cm long, 1.5-3cm wide, obovate-oblong, tip portions becoming narrower in a tail way, bases cuneate, with margins coarse serrations on upper halves. Both surfaces and bottoms have no hairs on them. However, there are many glandular dots on the backside. Cymes appear from points above axils and give 10-20 light red-purple flowers, each aperture in 4, and lobes open flat. Corollas are as long as 3mm long. Stamens are 4 in number, and pistils one, both of which project outside the corollas. Drupes, spherical, mature in purple. Bloom time: July-August.




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