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The other species in the genus Callicarpa:

Callicarpa dichotoma / Komurasaki
Callicarpa dichotoma f. albibacca / Shirominokomurasaki
Callicarpa japonica / Murasakishikibu
Callicarpa mollis / Yabumurasaki



  Callicarpa japonica / Murasakishikibu ムサキシキブ

Callicarpa japonica, a deciduous shrub, grows to as tall as 3 meters, with gray-brown barks. Leaves are opposite, blades measure 6-13cm long, 2.5-6cm wide, oblong, tip's parts taper to points, bases narrowly cuneate, with fine serrations on margins. No hairs are on leaf surfaces, as with the backsides. However, the bottoms have sparse light yellow glandular dots. Flowers, light red-purple, put themselves in cymes emerged from axils. Corollas measure 3-5mm in length, upperparts cleft in 4, the lobes open flat. Stamens are four in number and pistils one. Drupes, 3mm across, spherical, mature in purple. Bloom time: June-August.




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