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Calystegia hederacea / Kohirugao コヒルガオ

Bloom time: June-August

Convolvulaceae /


Species in the genus :Calystegia

Calystegia hederacea / Kohirugao
Calystegia japonica / Hirugao
Calystegia soldanella / Hamahirugao


Calystegia japonica / Hirugao ヒルガオ

Calystegia hederacea is a perennial vine commonly found in grasslands or roadsides, propagating itself by extending its white underground stems, the vine growing and winding itself around something else. The alternate leaves are hastate, 3-7cm long, the basal parts overhanging sideways, looking like a pair of ears. Flowers singly come on 2-5cm stalks born on leaf axils. Bloom time: June-August.




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