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Camellia japonica / Yabutsubaki ヤブツバキ

Bloom time: December-March

Theaceae /


Species in the genus Camellia:

Camellia japonica / Yabutsubaki



Camellia japonica / Yabutsubaki ヤブツバキ

Camellia japonica is an evergreen tree growing up to 5 to 6m from the ground, growing wild in forests, especially not far from the seacoast, bearing 5-to-7cm-across single-petalled, dark red flowers on it in wintertime. Parted petals connect themselves at the base with the base of the stamens. So, C. japonica let its petals drop together with the stamens, leaving the sepals and the pistil on it. The fallen flowers on the ground can look as shapely as the other ones still on the branches. Bloom time: December-March.




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