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Campanula punctata / Hotarubukuro ホタルブクロ

Bloom time: June-July

Campanulaceae /


Species in the genus Campanula:

Campanula punctata / Hotarubukuro


Campanula punctata / Hotarubukuro ホタルブクロ

Campanula punctata is a 40-80cm-tall perennial herb that grows in fields, mountains, and hills, with coarse hairs on stems. Radical leaves, ovate-cordate, wither in flowering time. On-stem leaves are alternate, 5-8cm long, 1.5-4cm wide, triangular-ovate, or lanceolate, with uneven serrations. Stem's upper parts set large, 4-5cm-long bell-shaped flowers; corollas are light red-purple or white, with solid color dots and shallowly cut-into-five tips. Bloom time: June-July.



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