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Cardamine impatiens / Janinjin ジャニンジン

Bloom time: March-June

Brassiaceae /


Species in the genus :Cardamine

Cardamine anemonoides / Mitsubakonronsou
Cardamine flexuosa / Tanetsukebana
Cardamine hirsuta / Michitanetukebana
Cardamine impatiens / Janinjin
Cardamine leucantha / Konronsou
Cardamine lyrata / Mizutagarashi
Cardamine regeliana / Oobatanetsukebana


Cardamine impatiens / Janinjin ジャニンジン

Cardamine impatiens, an annual or biennial, occur in damp palaces like the shade of a tree or water's edges. Stems are erect, branch at the lower parts, growing to 12-80cm in height. Leaves are alternate, of an imparipinnate compound leaf, of thin texture; the leaflets comprise 2-9 pairs, deeply cut in, with serrations on margins. Racemes emerge from stem tips or bases of the leaves, in which 4-petaled white flowers, 2-3.5mm long, put themselves in them. Bloom time: March-June.


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