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Carduus crispus / Hireazami ヒレアザミ

Bloom time: May-July



Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Carduus:

Carduus crispus / Hireazami
Carduus crispus f. alba / Shirobanahireazami



Carduus crispus / Hireazami ヒレアザミ

Carduus crispus is a perennial herb, 0.7-1m in height, found on roadsides or riverbanks, with stems with conspicuous broad wings. The wings have dentitions, the tips of which grow to prickles. Leaves on lower parts measure 5-20cm long, are irregularly pinnately cut from the middle to deep, and have many prickles on the margins. Flower heads, red-purple, 2-2.5cm in diameter, set themselves a few together on branch tips. Involucres are bell-shaped or hemispheric,1.7-2.7cm in width; involucral bracts line up in 7-8 rows, and outer and middle ones bend back. Bloom time: May-July.




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