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Spring Flowers


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Cyperaceae /


The other species in the genus Carex:

Carex aphanolepis / Enashihigokusa
Carex dickinsii / Onisuge
Carex dispalata / Kasasuge
Carex foliosissima / Okunokansuge
Carex ischnostachya / Juzusuge
Carex kobomugi / Kouboumugi
Carex maximowiczii / Gouso
Carex otaruensis / Otarusuge
Carex pumila / Kouboushiba
Carex stenostachys var. stenostachys / Nihonmonjisuge



Carex aphanolepis / Enashihigokusa エナシヒゴクサ

Carex aphanolepis is a perennial found in flatlands to forests in mountainous regions, growing to 20-40cm in height. Female spikelets, lacking pedicels, are spherical to long oblong. Bloom time: April-July.



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