Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Carex otaruensis / Otarusuge オタルスゲ

Bloom time: May-June

Cyperacea / Kayatsurigusaka

Species in the genus Carex:

Carex aphanolepis / Enashihigokusa
Carex dickinsii / Onisuge
Carex dispalata / Kasasuge
Carex foliosissima / Okunokansuge
Carex ischnostachya / Juzusuge
Carex kobomugi / Kouboumugi
Carex maximowiczii / Gouso
Carex otaruensis / Otarusuge
Carex pumila / Kouboushiba
Carex stenostachys var. stenostachys / Nihonmonjisuge



Carex otaruensis / Otarusuge オタルスゲ

Carex otaruensis, a perennial occurring in pond sides or wetlands in mountainous regions, grows to 30-60cm in height in the crowd. Sheaths at the bases of the plants tinge red and glossy with a threadlike net. Leaves are 3-5mm in width. Spikelets on upper portions are male, slender, 4-6cm in length, and those on lower amounts are female, thin as well, 3-6cm long, 3mm wide, some on lower parts, having long pedicels, and droop. Bloom time; May-June.




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