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Carpesium abrotanoides / Yabutabako ヤブタバコ

Bloom time: September-October.

Asterraceae /


Species in the genus Carpensium:

Carpesium abrotanoides / Yabutabako
Carpesium divaricatum / Gankubisou
Carpesium glossophyllum / Sajigankubisou


Carpesium abrotanoides / Yabutabako ヤブタバコ

Carpesium abrotanoides, an annual biennial herb found in clusters or forest edges, has thick stems that stop growing at 0.5-1m in height, and the tops extend long branches in a radial pattern. Radical leaves and lower part's on-stem leaves are 25-30cm long, 10-15cm wide, in a broad oblong to long oblong shape, and thin, with short hairs on both surfaces and glandular dots on back surfaces. The radical leaves perish approximately in the flowering time. Axils on the upper parts singly set yellow downward flower heads. Bloom time: September-October.




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