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Carpesium divaricatum / Gankubisou ガンクビソウ

Bloom time: June-October.

Asterraceae /


Species in the genus Carpensium:

Carpesium abrotanoides / Yabutabako
Carpesium divaricatum / Gankubisou
Carpesium glossophyllum / Sajigankubisou

Carpesium divaricatum / Gankubisou ガンクビソウ

Carpesium divaricatuma 0.3-1.5 m tall perennial herb, grows in the shade of a tree. Dense vellum hair stems branch well at the upper parts, and branches emerge nearly sideways. Radical leaves have gone in the flowering time. The lower part's leaves measure 7-20cm long, oval or oval-like long oblong, with uneven shallow serrations on margins, vellus hairs on both surfaces, and glandular dots on back surfaces. Mid-part's leaves are long and oblong-shaped, with pointed tips. Flower heads are small, 6-8mm in diameter, with 2-4 whorled lanceolate bracts at the bases, and involucres are oval-shaped. Bloom time: June-October.




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