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Carpinus japonica / Kumashide クマシデ

Bloom time: April

Betulaceae /


Species in the genus Carpinus:

Carpinus japonica / Kumashide


Carpinus japonica / Kumashide クマシデ

Carpinus japonica, a deciduous tree growing as tall as 15m and 20cm in diameter, inhabits sunny hills or mountainsides. Leaves are alternate; blades are 5-10cm long, 2.5-4.5cm wide, long oblong shape, with tips pointed, double serrations on margins, and 20-24 pairs of veins projecting to the backsides. Surfaces are without hairs, and the backside veins have long hairs tinging brown. Dioecious: Flowers bloom simultaneously with the development of the leaves; male inflorescences, 3-5cm long, hang down from the previous year's branches, with one male flower beneath bursas. Female inflorescences hang from the current year's tips or dwarf shoots; female flowers set themselves two inside the bursas. Bloom time: April.




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