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Catalpa ovata / Kisasage キササゲ

Bloom time: June-July

Bignoniaceae /


Species in the genus Catalpa:

Catalpa ovata  / Kisasage


Catalpa ovata / Kisasage キササゲ

Catalpa ovata, a deciduous tree originating in China, of a height of 5-15m, grows wild in sunny places like riversides. Leaves are alternate or in a whorl of three; blades are 10-25cm long, 7-20cm wide, broadly ovate, shallowly cleft in three to five, with margins entire, tips shortly pointed, and bases cordate. Surfaces with short hairs on veins and the backsides have thick vellum coats. Petioles are long, 5-20cm long. Branch tips emerge 10-25cm-long panicles which set many yellow-white flowers. Bloom time: June-July.




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