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Caulophyllum robstum / Ruiyouotan ルイヨウボタン

Bloom time: May-July

Berberridaceae /


Species in the genus Caulophyllum:

Caulophyllum robstum / Ruiyoubotan

Caulophyllum robstum / Ruiyoubotan ルイヨウボタン

Caulophyllum robstum, a perennial herb inhabiting forests in mountainous regions, grows to 30-70cm in height. Leaves set themselves two on the upper portions, and the others on the lower parts are of a triternate compound leaf; each leaflet is oval to long-oblong, occasionally cleft in 2 or 3, with margins entire. Terminal lobes are with pedicels. Stem apexes emerge cymose inflorescences, set at approximately 10, about 1cm-in-diameter yellow-green flowers. Sepals are significantly larger than petals. Bloom time: May-July.


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