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Celastrus orbiculatus / Tsuruumemodoki ツルウメモドキ

Bloom time: May-June



Species in the genus Celastrus:

Celastrus orbiculatus / Tsuruumemodoki
Celastrus orbiculatus var. stringillosus / Onitsuruumemodoki

Celastrus orbiculatus / Tsuruumemodoki ツルウメモドキ

Celastrus orbiculatus, a liana, evergreen or deciduous, inhabits forest edges in fields and mountains with gray barks. Current new branches are yellow-green and gradually become red-brown. Leaves are alternate; blades measure 4-10cm long, 2-8cm wide, oblong or obovate-shaped, with shallow serrations on margins. Both sides are hairless. Dioecious: Short cymes appear from axils and set flowers in them - some males and 1-3 females. The flowers are yellow and 6-8mm in diameter. Capsules measure 7-8mm in diameter, are spherical, and mature in yellow in October-December. Bloom time: May-June.


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