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Cerastium glomeratum / Orandamiminagusa  オランダミミナグサ

Bloom time: April-May

Caryophyllaceae /


Species in the genus Cerastium:

Cerastium glomeratum / Orandamiminagusa
Cerastium holosteoides var. hallaisanense / Miminagusa


Cerastium glomeratum / Orandamiminagusa  オランダミミナグサ

Cerastium glomeratum, a biennial herb originating in Europe, grows wild throughout the country from Kyushu to Hokkaido; it seems to occur anywhere if the location is environmentally sunny; the whole is hairy, 10-45cm in height. Flowers, white, set themselves in mass with short pedicels. Bloom time: April-May



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