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Chamaele decumbens / Sentousou セントウソウ

Bloom time: March-May

Apiaceae /


Species in the genus Chamaele:

Chamaele decumbens / Sentousou

Chamaele decumbens / Sentousou セントウソウ

Chamaele decumbens is an elf-like perennial, 10-25cm in height, inhabiting forests or edges in mountainous regions. Leaves are of a pinnate or bi-to-tri-pinnate compound leaf, with long purple-tinged petioles; most are radical. Leaflets are ovate, triangular, etc., variable in shape. Tips of flower stalks, having emerged from the base of the plants, set Inflorescences called compound umbels on them, in which several white flowers come out. Peduncles are 3-5 in number, one of which is short. Bloom time: March-May.


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