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Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou ヤマブキソウ

Bloom time: April-June

Papaveraceae /


Species in the genus Chelidonium:

Chelidonium dubium / Nagamihinageshi
Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou
Chelidonium majus ssp. asiaticum / Kusanoou



Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou ヤマブキソウ

Chelidonium japonicum, a perennial, 30-50cm in height, inhabits forests in fields and mountains, growing in crowds. Radical leaves are of an imparipinnate compound leaf with long petioles; leaflets have irregular serrations and notches. The flowers are yellow and approximately 4cm in diameter. Capsules are linear, about four centimeters in length. Bloom time: April-June.




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