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Chloranthus serratus / Futarishizuka フタリシズカ

Bloom time: April-June

Chloranthaceae /


The other species in the genus Chloranthus:

Chloranthus fortunei / Kibihitorishizuka
Chloranthus japonicus / Hitorishizuka
Chloranthus serratus / Futarishizuka


Chloranthus serratus / Futarishizuka フタリシズカ

Chloranthus serratus, a perennial herb of 30-60cm, grows in forests in hilly districts. Leaves attach themselves oppositely on stem tops in 2-3 pairs, somewhat apart from each other. Leaves are glossless green, with spiny serrations on the margins. Spikes generally comprise two, varying from 1 to occasionally 3-5; filaments, short, curve toward inside to envelop pistils. Central stamens attach two anthers inside their bases, and two stamens outside set the anthers one each. Bloom time: April-June.




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