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Chrysanthemum okiense / Okinoaburagiku オキノアブラギク

Bloom time: November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Chrysanthemum:

Chrysanthemum indicum / Shimakangiku
Chrysanthemum indicum var. maruyamanum /
Chrysanthemum japonens var. debile / Setonojigiku
Chrysanthemum makinoi / Ryuunougiku
Chrysanthemum okiense / Okinoaburagiku
Chrysanthemum x aphrodite / San'ingiku
Chrysanthemum x shimotomaii / Nijigahamagiku


Chrysanthemum okiense / Okinoaburagiku オキノアブラギク


Chrysanthemum okiense is a perennial herb with 1.5-2.0cm-in-diameter golden yellow flowers growing in clusters on sunny coastal slopes or roadsides. Stems lay the lower parts down on the ground, the height measuring approximately 30cm. Each 4-5cm length leaves deeply cut in lobes. C. okiense arranges its involucral bracts in a 3-stories way; the outer ones are oblong-ovate; white hairs grow thickly on its peduncles. Bloom time: November.





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