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Circaea erubescens / Tanitade タニタデ

Bloom time: July-September

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Circaea:

Circaea erubescens / Tanitade
Circaea mollis / Mizutamasou


Circaea erubescens / Tanitade タニタデ

Circaea erubescens, a perennial of 20-50cm tall, inhabits damp places like those along streams in mountainous regions, with stems and petioles tinging red. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, in the shape of a long ovate, 3-8cm in length, with tips pointed and low, wavy serrations on margins. Racemes set white to light red small flowers that shallowly cut ends in and bloom facing downward. Fruit is egg-likely spherical, with a length of 2.5mm. Bloom time: July-September.




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