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Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi / Yoshinoazami ヨシノアザミ

Bloom time: August-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Cirsium:

Cirsium bitchuense / Bicchuuazami
Cirsium buergeri / Himeazami
Cirsium chokaiense / Choushuuazami
Cirsium congestissimum / Hittsukiazami
Cirsium indefensum / Togenashiazami
Cirsium indefensum./ Izumoazami
Cirsium japonicum / Noazami
Cirsium japonicum f. albiflorum / Shirobananoazami
Circium mirabile / Obakeazami
Cirsium japonicum var. okiense / Okinoazami
Cirsium japonica var. vestitum / Keshouazami
Cirsium maritimum / Hamaazami

Cirsium maritimum var. leucanthum / Shirobanahamaazami
Cirsium maruyamanum / Murakumoazami
Cirsium nippoicum var. amplifolium / Oobaazami
Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi Yoshinoazami
Cirsium sieboldii / Kiseruazami

Cirsium sp. / -
Cirsium spicatum / Yamaazami
Cirsium suffultum / Tsukushiazami
Cirsium suwoense / Suouazami
Cirsium taishakuense / Taishakuazami
Cirsium tenuisquamatum / Sanbesawaazami

Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi / Yoshinoazami ヨシノアザミ

Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi,  a perennial growing to 1-2m in height, inhabits mountain edges or grasslands in hilly districts. Stems are erect or somewhat diagonally inclined, branching well at about middle parts to stretch wide angles. Leaves slightly or deeply cleft in lobes, the tips, and margins growing to sharp prickles. Flower heads in corymbs bloom straight or diagonally downwards; the total number of bract columns is 8 to 9, which is a significant point for identifying this species. Bloom time: August-October.



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