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Cirsium taishakuense / Taishakuazami タイシャクアザミ

Bloom time: September-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Cirsium:

Cirsium bitchuense / Bicchuuazami
Cirsium buergeri / Himeazami
Cirsium chokaiense / Choushuuazami
Cirsium congestissimum / Hittsukiazami
Cirsium indefensum / Togenashiazami
Cirsium indefensum./ Izumoazami
Cirsium japonicum / Noazami
Cirsium japonicum f. albiflorum / Shirobananoazami
Circium mirabile / Obakeazami
Cirsium japonicum var. okiense / Okinoazami
Cirsium japonica var. vestitum / Keshouazami
Cirsium maritimum / Hamaazami

Cirsium maritimum var. leucanthum / Shirobanahamaazami
Cirsium maruyamanum / Murakumoazami
Cirsium nippoicum var. amplifolium / Oobaazami
Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi Yoshinoazami
Cirsium sieboldii / Kiseruazami

Cirsium sp. / -
Cirsium spicatum / Yamaazami
Cirsium suffultum / Tsukushiazami
Cirsium suwoense / Suouazami
Cirsium taishakuense / Taishakuazami
Cirsium tenuisquamatum / Sanbesawaazami

Cirsium tenuisquamatum / Sanbesawaazami サンベサワアザミ


Cirsium tenuisquamatum is a perennial growing in damp grasslands, the stems erect to 0.5-1m, having arachnid hair. Radical leaves, remaining still alive in blooming time, are glaucous, a bit thin, and pinnatifid; the margins are coarsely serrated. Leaves on the stems embrace the stems at the leaf joints. Flowers, light red-purple, approximately 5cm across, appear singly on stem tops, facing diagonally downwards. Bloom time: September-October.





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