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Clerodendrum trichotomum / Kusagi クサギ

Bloom time: July-September

Verbenaceae /


Species in the genus Clerodendrum:

Clerodendrum trichotomum / Kusagi


Clerodendrum trichotomum / Kusagi クサギ

Clerodendrum trichotomum, a deciduous tree inhabiting sunny forest edges in coastal or mountainous regions, grows to 4-8m in height. With 5-10cm-long petioles with vellus hairs, leaves are opposite, 8-15cm long, 5-10cm wide, in a triangular cordate to broadly ovate, with margins almost entire. Cymes emerge from branch tips or axils on upperparts and set many fragrant flowers in them. Corollas cleft themselves in 5, and the segments open flat The pieces are white, 1.1-1.3cm long, broad linear-shaped, and floral tubes tinge red-purple, slender, 2-2.5cm long. Calyxes cut shallowly in five, tinging red-purple. Bloom time: July-September.




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