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Clethra varvinervis / Ryoubu リョウブ

Bloom time: June-August

Clethraceae /


Species in the genus Clethra:

Clethra varvinervis / Ryoubu


Clethra varvinervis / Ryoubu リョウブ


Clethra varvinervis is a deciduous small- tree with dark reddish-brown barks, 8-10m in height, growing on hills, mountain ridges, or dry deciduous forests. Leaves, gathering together on branch tips, are alternate, 6-15cm long, 2-7cm wide, in the shape of an obovate-like long oblong, with tips shortly pointed, bases cuneate, sharply pointed serrations on margins, and upper surfaces with no hairs, lower surfaces light green, coarse hairs on midribs, and vellus hairs at bases of veins. Branch tips emerge some number of 10-20cm-long racemes in which set many white flowers. Bloom time: June-August.




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