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Clinopodium multicaule / Yamatoubana ヤマトウバナ

Bloom time: June-July

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Clinopodium:

Clinopodium chinense var. parviflorum / Kurumabana
Clinopodium gracile / Toubana
Clinopodium_hinense_var._hibetchense / Yamakurubabana
Clinopodium micranthum var. micranthum / Inutoubana
Clinopodium multicaule / Yamatoubana



Clinopodium multicaule / Yamatoubana ヤマトウバナ

Clinopodium multicaule is a perennial that inhabits the shade of a tree in mountainous regions. Stems somewhat obliquely arise to 30-70cm in height. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, with 6-15cm-long petioles, long oval or oval, 2-5cm, tips somewhat pointed, coarse serrations on margins. Stem tips generally emerge with single short inflorescences; corollas are white, measuring 8-9mm long; upper lips are shallowly cleft in two and lower in three. Bloom time: June-July.




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