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Commelinaceae /


Species in the genus Commelina:

Commelina communis / Tsuyukusa
Commelina communis f. albiflora / Shirobanatsuyukusa



Commelina communis / Tsuyukusa ツユクサ

Commelina communis is an annual herb commonly seen on roadsides or in grasslands. The lower parts of stems crawl on the ground and branch well to take roots at nodes to propagate themselves, and the upper claims arise obliquely upward to 30-50cm in height. Of alternate phyllotaxis, leaves are ovate-like lanceolate, with bases becoming membranous sheaths and embracing the stems. Flowers singly appear from inside inflorescences enveloped in folded boat-like sheathes that oppositely emerge against leaves, and shrivel in half a day. Of the three petals, two are significant: conspicuous, vivid blue, and the other is white and small. Bloom time: June-September.




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