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Coptis japonica var. major / Seribaouren セリバオウレン

Bloom time: March-April

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Coptis:

Coptis japonica / Seribaouren
Coptis quinquefolia / Baikaouren



Coptis japonica var. major / Seribaouren セリバオウレン

Coptis japonica var. major, a perennial herb of approximately 20cm in height, occurs in damp places in fields and mountains in hilly districts. Rhizomes are thick and extend long. With long pedicles, leaves are radical, of a biternate compound leaf, thick and glossy surfaces. Leaflets measure 1.5-5cm in length and 1-3cm in width, with coarsely indented or shallowly pinnately cleft margins. Dioecious: Male flowers have many stamens, and females have many pistils in the same way. The white flowers measure about 1cm across, and sepals are 5-7 in number, and the petals are 8-10. Bloom time: March-April.
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