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Crepidiastrum lanceolatum / Hosobawadan ホソバワダン

Bloom time: October-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Crepidiastrum:

Crepidiastrum denticulatum / Yakushisou
Crepidiastrum lanceolatum / Hosobawadan
Crepidiastrum lanceolatum f. pinnatilobum / Hamanaren

Crepidiastrum lanceolatum / Hosobawadan ホソバワダン


Crepidiastrum lanceolatum is a perennial herb inhabiting rocks or gravel in rocky coastal areas. The stems are stout and short, putting radical leaves on the tops in a rosette way. The radical leaves, each measuring 5-15cm in length and 2-4cm in width, are in the shape of spoon-like long-oblong; the bases become narrow to grow petiole-like. Lateral branches emerge from the axils of the radical leaves, the upper portions diagonally growing up to 20-30cm. Flowers heads, yellow, measure 1-1.5cm across. Bloom time: October-November.





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