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Croomia japonica / Himenabewari ヒメナベワリ

Bloom time: April-May

Stemonaceae / Byakubuka   Species in the genus Croomia:

Croomia japonica / Himenabewari

Croomia japonica / Himenabewari ヒメナベワリ

Croomia japonica is a monocot perennial found on forest floors in mountainous regions. Rhizomes crawling underground shoot sprouts on the ground and grow upwards to 30-60cm, curving a little sideways halfway. Leaves, 4-5 in number, are in the shape of an oval-like oblong and are of alternate phyllotaxis at the stem tops. Leaf axils deliver single light green flowers on the long peduncles' terminals, which bloom facing the ground surface. The perianths are four in all, each the same size. Anthers: orange-colored. Bloom time: April-May.



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