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Cuscuta campestris / Amerikanenashikazura アメリカネナシカズラ

Bloom time: July-October

Convolvulaceae /


Species in the genus Cuscuta:

Cuscuta japonica / Nenashikazura
Cuscuta campestris / Amerikanenashigusa



Cuscuta campestris / Amerikanenashikazura アメリカネナシカズラ

Cuscuta pentagona, an originating-in-North America satellite, grows wild in wastelands, seashores, or dry river beds, with slender, light yellow, or light yellow-red vines. Flowers, small and white, bloom in clusters; corollas measure 3mm in diameter, and stamens, 5 in number, project out of the corollas. Female styles are two, and capsules are 2-3mm in diameter and spherical. Bloom time July-October.




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