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Cynanchum wilfordii / Koikema コイケマ

Bloom time: July-August

Apocynaceae / Renpukusouka   Species in the genus Cynanchum:

Cynanchum amplexicaule / Rokuonsou
Cynanchum caudatum / Ikema
Cynanchum wilfordii / Koikema
    Cynanchum wilfordii / Koikema コイケマ    
Cynanchum wilfordii is a small miniature-sized compared to Cynanchum caudatum. With Cynanchum caudatum, inflorescence stems are more prolonged than petioles; with Cynanchum wilfordii, however, they are the same or somewhat shorter. Lobes of corollas do not bend backward and go obliquely upward. Bloom time: July-August.
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