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Cyperus flaccidus / Hinagayatsuri ヒナガヤツリ

Bloom time: August-October


Cyperaceae /


Species in the genus Cyperus:

Cyperus brevifolius var. leiolepis / Himekugu
Cyperus difformis / Tamagayatsuri
Cyperus flaccidus / Hinagayatsuri



Cyperus flaccidus / Hinagayatsuri ヒナガヤツリ

Cyperus flaccidus, an annual that occurs on paths between paddies or the like, grows to 3-15cm in height. Leaves generally have become sheaths that are with blades. Long leaf-like bracts on stem tips, from sides of which 3-6 branches emerge and palmately set 2-6 light green spikelets at the ends. The spikelets are flat, 0.5-1.2cm, with12-30 florets in rows. Ramenta are in the shape of a broad ovate, with tips pointed like awes. Bloom time: August-October.




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