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Cypripedium japonicum / Kumagaisou クマガイソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Cypripedium:

Cypripedium japonicum / Kumagaisou


Cypripedium japonicum / Kumagaisou クマガイソウ

Cypripedium japonicum is a perennial orchis species generally occurring in cryptomeria or bamboo forests, its rhizomes extending sideways. Stems, 20-40cm in height, have luxuriant white hair and some sheath-like small leaves at the bases. Leaves, 10-20cm in diameter, are of a fan-shaped circle, with prominent vertical wrinkles spreading out towards the margins from the leaf bases. Flowers, 3-5cm in length, in the shape of a bag, and light red-purple bloom on the stem ends. Very rare. Bloom time: April-May.




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