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Daphne pseudo-mezereum / Onishibari オニシバリ

Bloom time: February-April

Thymelaeaceae /


Species in the genus Daphne:

Daphne kiusiana / Koshounoki
Daphne pseudo-mezereum / Onishibari

Daphne pseudo-mezereum / Onishibari オニシバリ

Daphne pseudo-mezereum, a deciduous shrub less than 1m in height, grows in deciduous forests. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis; blades measure 5-13cm in length, long-oblong, with 7-9 pairs of veins that irregularly branch. The leaves fall in summer. Dioecious: Leaf axils bear some yellow-green flowers in bundles. Calyx tubes are 5-9mm long, and the tips are cleft in four. Sepals are half as long as the calyx tubes. Drupes, approximately 8mm in size, spherical, mature red in May-July. Bloom time: February-April.



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