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Dendropanax trifidus / Kakuremino カクレミノ

Bloom time: June-August

Araliaceae /


Species in the genus Dendropanax:

Dendropanax trifidus / Kakuremino


Dendropanax trifidus / Kakuremino カクレミノ

Dendropanax trifidus, a small tree to tree, inhabits damp evergreen forests, many living by seashores and growing to 3-8m in height. Leaves are alternate, gathering together at branch tips. Blades are 7-12cm long and 3-8cm wide, with young trees. They are deeply cut into three to five. At the same time, in adults, there are no cuts, with tips pointed, bases broadly cuneate, entire, somewhat wavy margins, prominent three veins, thick texture, glossy surfaces, no hairs on both sides, and 2-12cm-long petioles tinging red-purple. Dioecious: Branch tips bear 1-2 spherical umbels and set 15-40 pale yellow-green flowers, with two types - one comprising bisexual flowers only and the other mixing male and bisexual flowers. Sap fruit is about 1cm long, broadly oblong, and matures in purple-black in October-November, leaving styles on their tips. Bloom time: July-August.




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