Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Dianthus japonicus / Hamanadeshiko ハマナデシコ

Bloom time: July-October

Caryophyllaceae /

Species in the genus Dianthus:

Dianthus armeria / Noharanadeshiko
Dianthus japonicus / Hamanadeshiko
Dianthus japonicus f. albiflorus / Shirobanahamanadeshiko
Dianthus superbus var. longicalycinus / Kawaranadeshiko
Dianthus superbus var. longicalycinus f. albiflorus / Shirobanakawaranadeshiko
Dianthus superbus var. rupifragus / Iwanadeshiko

Dianthus japonicus / Hamanadeshiko ハマナデシコ

Dianthus japonica is a perennial herb, 20-50cm in height, inhabiting seashores; leaves are thick and glossy, 5-8cm in length, 1-2.5cm in width, in the shape of an ovate to long oblong, with the margins haired. The red-purple flowers, 1.5cm in diameter, bloom in clusters on stem tops, ranging from white and pink to red-purple. Calyx tubes measure 1.5-2cm long, and bracts attach three pairs. Bloom time: July-October.




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