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Berberridaceae /


Species in the genus Diphylleia:

Diphylleia grayi / Sankayou



Diphylleia grayi / Sankayou サンカヨウ

Diphylleia grayi is a perennial inhabiting mountain forest in hilly districts, the stem, 30-60cm in height, setting two alternate leaves on the top, one large, positioned slightly lower than the other small. The big one sizes up 20-30cm in length, 30-35cm in width, in the kidney shape, deeply cleft in two, with a long petiole, while the small one has no petiole, cleft deeply also in the same way. The stem apex emerges a cymose inflorescence with small white flowers, each approximately 2cm across. The white petals become transparent when wet, sometimes associated with glass-made flowers. Bloom tie: May-July.



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