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Disporum smilacinum / Chigoyuri チゴユリ

Bloom time: April-June

Colchicaceae /


Species in the genus Disporum:

Disporum sessile / Houchakusou
Disporum smilacinum / Chigoyuri



Disporum smilacinum / Chigoyuri チゴユリ

Disporum smilacinum is a perennial herb, 20-35cm long, occurring in forest fields and mountains, with stems rarely branch. Leaves are 4-7cm long, 2-3cm wide, oblong to long-oblong, with tips pointed. Flowers set themselves 1 or 2 on stem tips and bloom facing obliquely downward; perianth lobes, 6 in number, measure 1.2-1.6cm long, oblong, open in a broad-bell shape way. Stamens are 6 in number; anthers are half as long as filaments, and ovaries are half as long as styles. Drupes mature black. Bloom time: April-June.




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