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Dumasia truncata / Nosasage ノササゲ

Bloom time: August-September

Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Dumasia:

Dumasia truncata / Nosasage


Dumasia truncata / Nosasage ノササゲ

Dumasia truncata, a perennial vine, inhabits forest edges or the kike in mountainous regions. Stems generally tinge black-purple, and leaves comprise three leaflets with white back surfaces and sparse hairs. The terminal leaflets are 3-15cm long, 2-6cm wide, in the shape of a long ovate. Flowers set themselves in racemose inflorescences and are yellow, 1.5-2cm long. Calyxes are tubular; the sepals are not conspicuous. Legumes are 2-5cm long, oblanceolate-shaped, where seeds swell up to become moniliform and mature in purple, with 3-5 white-powdery black-purple seeds. Bloom time: August-September.




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