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Elaeagnus macrophylla / Oobagumi (Marubagumi) オオバグミ (マルバグミ)

Bloom time: October-Nobember

Elaeaganaceae /


Species in the genus Elaeagnus:

Elaeagnus glabra / Tsurugumi
Elaeagnus macrophylla / Oobagumi (Marubagumi)
Elaeagnus multiflora / Natsugumi
Elaeagnus pungens / Nawashirogumi
Elaeagnus umbellata./ Akigumi
Elaeagnus umbellata var. corean / Karaakigumi
Elaeagnus umbellata var. rotundifolia / Marubaakigumi

Elaeagnus macrophylla / Oobagumi (Marubagumi) オオバグミ

Elaeagnus macrophylla, an evergreen shrub found on seashores, forest edges, or precipice edges in coastal areas, extends branches in a liana way and grows to 2-4m in height, with dark brown or gray-brown barks. Leaves are alternate, 5-10cm long, 4-6cm wide, in an overall oval shape, with tips abruptly becoming narrow to become shortly pointed, bases orbicular, and thick texture. At first, surfaces are scaly hairs but gradually loosen, turning deep green and glossy. The back surfaces are silver-white, with dense, shiny, scaly hairs and sparse light brown or brown scaly hairs. Axils set 1-3 white flowers hanging. Outside, the flowers and peduncles have thick, scaly hairs and some pale brown scaly hairs. False fruit is 1.5-2cm long, in the shape of a long oblong, and matures in March-May, which looks whitish because of the dense scaly hairs. Bloom time: October-November.



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