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Epilobium pyrricholophum / Akabana アカバナ

Bloom time: July-September

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Epilobium:

Epilobium pyrricholophum / Akabana


Epilobium pyrricholophum / Akabana アカバナ

Epilobium pyrricholophum, a perennial of 30-70cm in height, occurs in wetlands with fine glandular hairs on stems. Leaves are opposite phyllotaxis, 2-6cm long, 0.5-3cm wide, oval to oval-like oblong, with bases often embracing the branches. The stems and the leaves generally tinge red, axils set about 1cm across 4-petaled red-purple flowers cleft in two, and calyxes have many glandular hairs. Capsules are slender, 3-8cm long, and have apertures in 4 when becoming ripe. Bloom time: July-September.




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