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Epimedium diphyllum / Baikaikarisou バイカイカリソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Berberridaceae /


Species in the genus Epimedium:

Epimedium diphyllum / Baikaikarisou
Epimedium sempervirens / Tokiwaikarisou
Epimedium setosum / Oobaikaikarisou



Epimedium diphyllum / Baikaikarisou バイカイカリソウ

Epimedium diphyllum is a perennial herb, 20-30cm in height; radical leaves are of mono- to bi-ternate compound leaf, and the lobes are uneven oval, 3-5cm in length, with tips obtuse, having few, if any, stinging hairs on margins. Also, the backsides of the leaves have no hair on them. The flowers are white, without spurs. Bloom time: April-May.




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