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Epimedium sempervirens / Tokiwaikarisou トキワイカリソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Berberridaceae /


Species in the genus Epimedium:

Epimedium diphyllum / Baikaikarisou
Epimedium sempervirens / Tokiwaikarisou
Epimedium setosum / Oobaikaikarisou



Epimedium sempervirens / Tokiwaikarisou トキワイカリソウ


Epimedium sempervirens is an evergreen perennial herb, 30-60cm in height, occurring in forests in snowy fields and mountains. Leaves are of a biternate compound leaf, leaflets are stiff, in the shape of an uneven ovate, and tips become narrower to points in a tail way, bases are deeply cordate,5-10cm long with stinging hairs on margins. Flowers are 3-4cm in diameter, white to red-purple. Petals are 4 in number, with spurs. Sepals are petaloid, 8 in number; inside are significant, and outside are small and fall earlier. Bloom time: April-May.





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