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Epipogium roseum / Tashiroran タシロラン

Bloom time: June-July

Orchidaceae / Ranka   Species in the genus Epipogium:

Epipogium roseum / Tashiroran

Epipogium roseum / Tashiroran タシロラン


Epipogium roseum is a saprophytic orchid species occurring on evergreen forest floors. Its whole is yellowish-white and lacks chlorophyll pigments. The stems are erect, 20-50cm in height, and have some small-scale leaves on them. The upper parts set many downward white flowers in a racemose manner. Flowers: either sepals or side petals are 8mm long. Lips are the same size, broadly ovated, and have several pale red-purple dots. Bloom time: June-July.



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