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Eranthis pinnatifida / Setsubunsou セツブンソウ

Bloom time: February-March

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Eranthis:

Eranthis pinnatifida / Setsubunsou

Eranthis pinnatifida / Setsubunsou セツブンソウ


Eranthis pinnatifolia is a 5-15cm tall perennial that generally grows in colonies in limestone areas forests, with spherical tubers underground. Radical leaves, appearing separately from flower stalks, have long petioles; the blades are palmate 3-5cm broad and divide into three, and the lobes become sectile anew. On-stem leaves, two, are opposite at the upper parts of the flower stalks, deeply cut in three, and are 3-4cm long and wide. Stem tips are 2cm across white flowers; the white petal-like parts are sepals 5 in number, oval, 1-1.5cm long, and petals are cleft in two, and the terminals are yellow nectaries derived from the petals. Many stamens and 2-5 pistils. Bloom time: February-March.





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