Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Erigeron annuus / Himejoon ヒメジョオン

Bloom time: June-October

Family: Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Erigeron:

Erigeron annuus / Himejoon
Erigeron philadelphicus / Harujion
Erigeron canadensis / Himemukashiyomogi
Erigeron karvinskianus / Genpeikogiku

Erigeron annuus / Himejoon ヒメジョオン

Introduced from America, Erigeron annuus, an annual or biennial, is one of the most common plants throughout this country, from urban areas to rural districts, spreading even to subalpine zones. Stems measure 0.3-1.3m in height with coarse hairs on them and jammed pith inside. Radical leaves vanish in flowering time. Leaves on the lower parts are oval, with long pedicles and coarse serrations on the margins. Leaves on the upper parts are lanceolate; bases taper but do not embrace the stems. Flower heads are small, about 2cm across, and bloom on branch tops. Bloom time: June-October.




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