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Erigeron canadensis / Himemukashiyomogi ヒメムカシヨモギ

Bloom time: August-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Erigeron:

Erigeron annuus / Himejoon
Erigeron philadelphicus / Harujion
Erigeron canadensis / Himemukashiyomogi
Erigeron karvinskianus / Genpeikogiku

Erigeron canadensis / Himemukashiyomogi ヒメムカシヨモギ

Being a biennial herb originating in North America, Erigeron canadensis grows wild on roadsides, uncultivated lands, etc. Stems grow to 1-2m in height, with coarse hairs. Radical leaves are spatulate, and on-stem leaves, 7-10cm long, 0.5-1.5cm wide, linear, densely surround the stems in the opposite arrangements, with sparse serrations on margins. Small flower heads set themselves in panicles on the upper parts of the branches. Bloom time: August-October.




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